CESM Error - CIS not Connected

I am trying to manage my workgroup computers using Endpoint Security Manager but I receive the following when I try to perform a “Discover Data - CIS Config”: “error code: 0xFFFFFFFF CIS not Connected”. The Discover Data for OS version, file system list and all other functions work properly but anything related to CPF or CIS gives me this error. I am new to CESM and I have followed all the instructions in the guide.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You have to previously remotely install CIS on the remote computer (Add package to CESM, create installation sequence and task and run it).
Than you will be able to execute CIS-related actions like Antivirus Scan, etc.

Thank You for the quick reply. I had installed CIS manually on the remote computer not through CESM. The reason was that CESM only accepts msi files and CIS installation files are .exe format. Is there a link to download CIS msi installation files. Sorry if this question sounds stupid, I am new to comodo.

You can request it here: http://enterprise.comodo.com/security-solutions/endpoint-security/endpoint-security-manager/trial-form.php

PLease Check The Version Of CESM You have Installed. If Its 1.0, Then You Will Not be Able To Discover The Data For CIS. Bcoz this Version Supports Only CFP And Not CIS. To Manage CIS you need To Install CESM 1.1. You Can Download The Required Packages From The Link Provided Below