CESM and Remote Administration Mode

Apologies if these are newbie questions, but having just installed CESM and CIS on a few machines, I am having a few issues.

First, is it possible to control CIS from the client PC? Though you can open CIS, clicking on anything displays the message “THIS FEATURE IS DISABLED IN REMOTE ADMINISTRATION MODE”. I’ve tried setting the agent status to unmanaged from CESM and rebooting the client PC, but there is no change.

Also, a number of the tasks I created in CESM sre stuck in the status ‘executing’ and never change, after weeks, after rebooting the server, etc. There doesn’t appear to be any way to stop them, and I cannot re-run them without an error.

If anyone can send me some pointers I’d appreciate it!

Though You Kept It Unmanaged, You Will Not be Able To Access Anything On The CIS. Bcoz The MSI Package Of CIS Is Designed For CESM, Where So You Can Change The Settings Only Through The CESM Administrator Console.

Before Discussing Your Next Issue Which You Are Encountering, I Would Like To Have Some Information Regarding The Version Of CESM You Are Using And Your Network Setup.

Thank you for the reply. I am currently using CESM v1.2.1994.34 with CIS v3.8.482.32. All my PCs are on the same subnet and acccessible from the CESM console, but for some reason a number of tasks are stuck in the executing state.

I think that originally had to do with accessibility to the machines, as I didn’t figure out the need to open port 9901 in the firewalls for a while. (Ports 9001 and 9900 are mentioned in the documentation, but 9901 is apparently the key.)

Whatever the cause, tasls stuck in the executing state cannot be re-run. Is there a way to clear this history?

Try With The Version CESM 1.3.2765.381 . That Could Fix The Issue.