Certificate w/Win7 and Outlook 2010 - No certificate available error [SOLVED]

Config: Win7 Ultimate SP1, Outlook 2010

I have downloaded and installed a Personal Email Certificate and have confirmed through IE that it is indeed installed. When I attempt to configure Outlook 2010 by navigating to File/options/trust center settings/Email security/Encrypted email-settings/security settings pref-signing certificate-signing certificate-choose setting, I receive the following error: “No certificate available.”

I have enabled (checked) “Add digital signature to outgoing messages” and “send clear text signed message when sending signed messages.” Other check boxes ARE NOT checked.

I have followed all the directions I can find on the Internet and nothing seems to work. Thanks in advance for any help.

EDIT: I just now look at the certificate details (listed within Certificates/Personal/Certificates) in Win7 and I see the entries of “Valid from” 10/11/2012 and “Valid to” 10/18/2012. Could this be the problem? I only applied and download/installed the certificate today.

EDIT 2/SOLVED: OK, I fixed my problem. As nearly as I can find out, Comodo provides a certificate that isn’t totally compatible with Win7 and/or Outlook 2010 but other people would know more than me. I backed up the downloaded certificate as a .p12 file. I then followed all the directions from http://www.utexas.edu/its/help/digital-certificates/819. Now, everything works like it should.

Hey there, I just wanted to let you know you solved my problem with ease. The latest Outlook help they have on this site is the 2003 version. Over a decade people, heh. Not only that, but you happened to find the assistance on the UTA (Univ. of Texas at Austin) website, I just happen to live in Texas, and not far from UTA itself. I registered just so I could tell you thanks.
Umm…thanks :wink:


I hope you only registered and posted in a 2 year old topic for that purpose.

Most times the reason is something else.

Thank you