certificate should be downloaded not installed in firefox/chrome/etc


thanks for making a free s/mime certificate available. I have already convienced some of my friends and collegues to use it. However there is an issue which makes the installation a little cumbersome.

When I use in a MacIntosh the Safari browser to apply for a certificate, the following happens:

-  and I receive the corresponding comodo email,

-   and I open with safari the link to collect the certificate, safari *downloads* the certificate and later one can install it as one wishes.

However when doing the same procedure either with firefox or google chrome, the certificate gets installed in the browser. Most people, including me, found this contra intuitive, since very few webmail services actually support s/mime encryption. So one has to import the certificate to thunderbird, outlook or whatsoever.

However the process of exporting the certificate from firefox and friends most people find confusing.

I am not sure whom to blame, firefox developers told me if your email would contain “a Content-Disposition header in the file’s http headers” then firefox would download it.

Couldn’t comodo try to offer the download anyhow?

Apple’s Safari does just that, download the certificate.

Could such a feature be implemented?


Uwe Brauer