Certificate Scan threats?

Trying out CCAV on Windows 10 today and ran a certificate scan and got 2 warnings, one of which includes a Comodo certifcate.

Are these FPs, a CCAV bug, or legitimate?

If legitimate and I take the action to clean, will they be automatically replaced if needed, or not?

Hi Cavehomme,
May you please provide:

  • OS build / version
  • Also, please see if you can export both certificates from Internet Options as shown in enclosed snap.

I too have same Comodo RSA Certificate authority certificate but CCAV doesn’t alert for it.


Hi Umesh, info attached…

Thanks, both seem legit certificates.
It seems a bug in CCAV. You can ignore.

Anyone else has same experience?

Same Certificate here, but no CCAV alert after a scan

thanks for quick feedback.