Certificate scan and lingering Valkyrie files.

Hi guys, I took up CCAV again on one of my computers.

Certificate scan reported 12 infections (are they real, how would I know?), but the default action is Ignore, ehh?
See pic below.

Valkyrie is still sleeping or working sometimes, hard to tell.
I have two files still waiting to get classified after 5 days. One from google drive and the other from Devolo.
See pic below.




Ohh! Another thing I found is when you click Trusted application and Submitted Applications under setting, you cannot view the last line in the bottom.


While I was posting the above one of the files being analyzed are now gone from the list, but it did not end up in the trusted? (googledrivesync)
It was a legit file after all.


I think valkyria is not yet implemented … They say they are choosing samples for AI (artificial intelligence) …

We had hope in valkyria … every time I lose it t …

Although this does not mean they are not improving the AV … Each time it looks more complete.

Anyone from Comodo have a comment regarding this certificate scan, how can I verify the detected certs?


If installed root certificate are not in master root certificate list of Microsoft, they will be listed by certificate scan.

Now they could be installed by legit applications or may by by some unwanted applications.

So it’s up to user to make a decision. We do not have certificate specific verdict like we have for files. We just list them for user’s knowledge and action.


Please remove the cert scan then, if Comodo does not know, how could the end user?
This only confuses me, and I bet many others…


That’s why it’s on-demand and not part of Quick Scan.
So more oriented towards advanced users. When we make it more intelligent, we can integrate with Quick Scan.

Ahh, you got plans for it, great!
Did you take a look at the menus in settings?
You only see half of the text when you scroll to the bottom.


A snapshot will be helpful.



Thanks, we will look into it.

Hi guys, how is the old issue with Valkyrie hardly working, is it worth to test CCAV again?


Now Valkyrie is working much better, but CCAV is worth trying anyway, even without Valkyrie: lightweight, easy to use, default-deny security and no issues with Windows 10 updates

Thx Jon! :-TU