Certificate problems with Vista/IE7

Ok, So im new to Vista and IE7 so I dont know where the problem is stemming from. Whenever I try to sign into an email site (MSN.com, yahoo, etc.) I get this error message: “This organization’s certificate has been revoked.” No matter what I do I cannot log into these sites. Also, there are other sites I get this error messgae. AKO (Army Knowledge Online, Microsoft.com etc.) Am I doing/not doing something that I should be. Its very annoying and Im thinking about bringing this new computer back and booting up my old IBM 600e.

Please help…Thanks!


To get the message saying ‘This organization’s certificate has been revoked’ means that your machine is set to check Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs).
You can switch that off in the IE options, Advanced options.

However, to get that message for the sites you mention it sounds like IE might be having
problems accessing the CRLs.

It sounds like you need to contact the shop where you got the PC from to see what was pre-configured.