Certificate issuance rejected because of a domain name?

Good morning all.
I have a very big and strange problem, never happened before.

I was trying to get a certificate issued with Comodo CA. Our domain name, owned by long time, is COMODOCKS.IT.
The certificate has not been issued because the domain name contains the word COMODO…is this situation possible? We don’t want to make anything illegal, we just want to publish our internal Exchange server.
As you can imagine, changing the domain name is not possible.

I’ve submitted a ticket but i’ve not received an answer yet, maybe someone of the staff can help me…

Many thanks and regards
Docks Consorzio Como srl

This is a first, for me to see, but I can understand why it happened. (ComoDocks.IT seen as-> Comodo-cks.it; obviously no hyphen in your domain, showing it for clarity)

I think you should be able to get a certificate for your domain provided you can establish ownership of the domain + business details that can be verified (such as license, etc). I can also foresee having such a problem obtaining a certificate for your .COM too via Comodo too.

Thank you for your reply.
Could you please help me with your Technical staff? I have an opened ticket, #MNB-145-30212.

Many thanks for now.
Docks Consorzio Como srl

I’ve passed your ticket details on to the Validation Manager as it is their jurisdiction. :slight_smile:

Many thanks Sal.
I’m waiting for the support to respond to my question.

Best regards.