Certificate did not install


I recently ask for a digital signature for the mail.

Something went wrong and I didn’t receive the digital sig.

Could you, please, tell me how can I recuperate my digital sig. ?

My mail is:

My Browser is Firefox
I am using Outlook 2007
and Windows 7.

Any help would be very much apreciated.

Best Regards

Did you try and get a certificate again?? For certificates, always use internet explorer.

Thank you for your very fast answer.

I tried again to got a certificate, using Internet Explorer, but the answer has been:

“A secure email certificate has already been issued for this email Addess!”

The problem is that Outlook 2007 says that I have no certificate.

Any help would be very much apreciated.

Best regards

 I'm not support - just a user and still learning but because some people seem to have your issue with firefox and opera, i used IE8 and had no problems. I don't remember the exact process but if i remember correctly, had to export (copy) the certificate first from IE8 to my computer and then import into Thunderbird 3 and CSE saw it then. You may have to email (think the address is in the forum somewhere) Comodo and have them cancel and re-issue you a new certificate. 

There is a user guide you can have a looky thru. I posted it in this thread here - https://forums.comodo.com/help-cse/newbie-inquiries-on-cse-and-comodo-dns-on-dialup-connection-t53550.0.html

Hi curlin

Thank you for trying to help me.
I really apreciate, very much, your good will

Unhappilly my problems continue to be the same.

However Comodo says that:
“A secure email certificate has already been issued for this email Addess!”,
I just can’ find that certificate on my HD.
I even don’t know which file should I search for.

I put my question on this forum because I tought someone from Comodo would help
This didn’t happen until now… :frowning:
Maybe later…
I think this problem has happened with other people.

Maybe I should put my question somewhere else…

Thanks anyway.
Best regards.

Please register on the main support page and issue a ticket to support and they’ll reset your certificate and/or re-issue it.

See: Comodo Support - Technical Assistance and SSL Support | Comodo