Certificate collection error

I installed SecureEmail, typed my E-mail account, checked out my E-mail and clicked the link in the message, but the page was too slow so I refreshed the certification page, and when the page refreshed, I got the ERROR 0x80092004.
What’s wrong with the certification? and what should I do now to install my certificate without error message?


What Browser Were You Using? and Also; Whats the OS you are using?

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I’m using Mozilla Firefox, and the OS is Windows XP.


You’ll need to Submit a ticket and tell them you had a error code and you wish to revoke your original certificate;

After that process is done i would visit Free Email Cert by Comodo

And apply for a new one;

When you recieve your email to pick up your personal email cert; Click on the link but DO Not Refresh; Let it process, it may take up to 5 minutes (on some machines)…

The reason that you have received this error is because you are only allowed to ‘download’ the certificate once, for secure measures of course

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