Certain SSL warnings.

Is there a way to bypass CD’s SSL warning’s?

I use a certain SSL connection that I know is safe, any time I refresh or change to a different page I get the same annoying SSL warning.

I know I always get it for facebook but everyone that uses CD knows this I would like to know if there is a way also. :-TU

Yea, this was my first and last time to use it, it seemed very smooth, great GUI & response time but I just could not handle the SSL warnings.

It’s unfortunately how many companies are so “cheap” that they don’t reveal their location or who they are. I don’t have current numbers, but I heard DV (The warning Dragon shows) accounts for nearly 50% of the SSL certs in existence and these people want us to TRUST them? Let me just turn over my SSN, Drivers License #, Date of Birth, Past 5 addresses, etc. to these companies while I am at it!

But there should be a way to add a domain/page that you Know is safe to a Safe List or something like it. Anyone??

Thanks for your time.


Unfortunately, just because ‘you’ trust them does not make them safe. Take FaceBook as a recent example.
They use this same DV cert, CD warns you, you decide if you wish to enter the site.
You answer ‘Yes’. Does that make the site less safe? Does it make the site more trustworthy? No NO No.
This feature is here to warn you about the sites that use this DV cert, as they may not be safe.
Disabling it or bypassing it in any way defeats the purpose of having it to begin with.
If you don’t like the warning, feel free to use another browser. But when you do get burned, remember you did have a choice. I myself choose CD for its built-in security and speed.
I can live with the warning. Why can’t you?

HiYa John,

Thanks for the response. Your point is well taken. For now, I will continue to use CD and live with the warnings I get from my trusted sites.

However, I think there should be the option to have a White List for sites I think are safe. If I put a domain or site on the White List and I get burned, then that is my own fault. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time and your response. Have a good day.