Central program control center and Logging feature

1. What actually happened or you saw:
It is sometimes hard to find out why a program is not running. Especially when cis is the cause for that.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:

Right now it is very hard to find out if cis does block a program from working properly since disabling HIPS does not mean that comodo does not block certain aspects.

I want to see
a LOG for each program in which comodo logs what exactly what it has allowed or blocked and where i can allow it next time to allow or block it

Also i like to see a change in the interface to merge this log hips and firewall for each program so the user can access all the settings and logs concerning a single program.
Connections and connection trys should also be listed in the new container.
Also it would be good if it was possible to add program specific informations to it and log other non cis issues with the program. Collect as many informations and settings as possible here,

3. Why you think it is desirable:
The LOG feature is desirable to help finding problems with programs. Aswell as incompatiblitys with cis.

The Central program control center is desirable to have all informations at one place and make it easier for the user to find problems and fix the aswell as to change settings for a single program.

4. Any other information:
The Central program control center would be a mayor step to make cis more useable.

This should especially include this to help understanding what is going on:


blocked shell code should be logged and as well other Now invisible functions where CIS does block programs.

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