cDrive how to change drive letter? [RESOLVED]

Is there any way to change the drive letter for cDrive? I’d like to make it drive Z: or X: or something far away from my usual drive letters…

Yes, please run regedit and change the value of “drive preffered letter” in “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ComodoGroup\Common\COS\SavedUserInfo”.


Excellent, thank you. Have done as you suggested and it works!

After changing the drive letter as explained above, I ended up with 2 CDrives, one on the old drive letter and one on the new! I then found a second registry key which also needs to be changed. The correct way to change drive letter is therefore as follows:

  1. Sign out and exit cDrive

  2. Edit the following registry key:


Change “drive preffered letter” to desired drive letter (in my case I used X)

  1. Edit the following registry key as well:


Change DrvLetter to the same drive letter you used above.

  1. Once both registry values have been changed, either restart the “COMODO Online Storage Service” or just reboot the computer and run cDrive.