CDE updater error.

I’m running CDE version 1.2.114847.152. Go to update product and updater indicates version is available. Asks me if I want to update now. I select yes (click on Yes button).

Application proceeds to next window. Message appears with text “Error: Unable to download update.”

Am running Comodo Firewall as well as System Cleaner and am experiencing no such problem with the updating of those products.

Any ideas?

Thank you.


We are going to Release CDE 2.0 BETA.
We will not update CDE 1.3 to CDE 2.0 due to major architectural changes.
Will be available soon. Please wait.

Ionut, thank you.

Am looking forward to new release.


The 2.0 BETA is avalilable for download.
It is impossible to update 1.3 to 2.0 due to major architectural changes. So is recomended to uninstall the old version and to install the latest version.