CDE only allows drive C:, not secondary IDE drives?

i just installed CDE and it only lists drive C: under the “drives” tab. i tried to add another partition but it says it could not detect any compatible partitions? did i miss something in the system requirements?

i have a slave “dynamic” drive with 3 NTFS partitions which all show up in “My Computer”.

why doesn’t it find any of the partitions on my slave drive?

i have tried to reinstall CDE to see if there was something i missed in the installation, but i still only see C: listed as available for encryption. i don’t even want to encrypt my drive C: since it is only Windows and installed program which i don’t have any person or sensitive data.

I DO want to encrypt my other drives as they are the drives that have personal data on them.
i am running Windows Xp and i jhave installed the latest version of CDE “version 1.2.65021.129”

as i mentioned above, i have other drives that are LOCAL DISKS and listed in “My Computer”, but they don’t show up in CDE.

does anyone know what the problem might be.
i noticed trying to install a “Virtual Drive” it wants me to select a “File” to encrpyt, not a “Disk Drive”, that doesn’t make much sense to me either… are people creating Zip files as folders and making Virtual Drives out of them? that doesn’t sound like “DISK Encrpytion”, but rather “FILE Encryption”.

someone please explain to me how i can make this program useful. i like all the other Comodo products, but next time i uninstall “Comodo Disk Encryption”, it will be permanent.

You have to make slave drive Basic too to be able to encrypt your other drives.