CDE Major Malfunctiom

I have encountered a “MAJOR MALFUNCTION” with Comodo Disk Encryption.

My system is set up using a boot manager and configured to boot from
multiple partition groups, whichever group is selected to boot from.


The system is/was configured/partitioned as follows:



DOS partition C <— Boot selection DOS
DOS partition D ←
DOS partition E ←


WIN7 partition C <— Boot selection WIN7
WIN7 partition D ←
WIN7 partition E ←


First of all the WIN7 partitions were all fully backed up to another
hard disk with the backups all up to date.

The DOS partitions are backed up to floppys but not fully up to date.

Anyway, I booted the WIN7 group and tried to encrypt the system disk C:.

what happened was “for sure!” CDE went “OUT OF BOUNDS” and destroyed
the MBR, and my partition setup was mostly gone.

WIN7 C: was not accessable.
WIN7 D: is intact.
WIN7 E: is intact.

All three DOS partitions are not currently accessable, but are
contained inside the freespace somewhere. But the partitioning
tables do not know where they are.

I reinstalled Bootit Next Generation successfully from CD, and restored
the C: image.

I can again boot WIN7.

I need to contact Terabyte tomorrow to see if there is a way to
locate/reallocate the DOS partitions.

Under any type of setup, partition manager or not, CDE should never have
touched the MBR. This is a MAJOR problem. Be careful.

After (if) this problem is fixed I will be glad to help test things out.

Steve …

For info, I have suddessfully recovered my DOS partitions thanks to TeraByte.