CDE & CSC-Wiper re: free space

Some questions about how CDE treats free space:

  1. if i “ignore free space” during the encryption, then the free space isn’t encrypted during that process. so i use csc-wiper to wipe that free space. but then as i use the computer, files are created and destroyed, and the “used space” grows and then shrinks. can you explain how secure this released space is, and would it be more secure for me to uncheck the “ignore free space” option?

  2. it might be a good idea to include the answer to this in the user’s manual, and if i’m right, to make “encrypt free space” the default, for optimal security.



Thank you for choosing COMODO Disk Encryption.

  1. a) using CDE 1.3 you may encrypt only the used space and then wipe out the free space using CSC. you do need to get worried about free space growing or shrinking because CDE already handle this for you transparently.
    b) using CDe 2.0 you may encrypt the whole disk including free space.

  2. CDE 1.3 is not on going anymore, so we can not add this in User Manual.