CDE Crashes with BSOD on plugin of USB Transcend 320GB plugin - Windows 7

Whenever I plugin my Transcend 320 GB USB drive, my Windows 7 laptop crashes with a BSOD - screen shows cderaw.sys issue

Plz help me on this.

Hey and warm welcome to Comodo forums!

Could you tell us if you have other encruption software installed on your computer than CDE? and wich version of CDE do you have installed?

I would be nice if you could take your time attaching the BSOD as zip file. You’ll find it here C:\WINDOWS\MiniDump.

If isn’t there than go here Start->Settings->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Event Viewer

Thanks for helping comodo improving!

Valentin N

will post the event logs soon

Thanks for taking your time :slight_smile:

Assuming the users problems is resolved. Locking this topic.

Please contact an on-line Mod if you need it unlocked. Thanks.