CDE 1.2.1 Crash on startup

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (AMD triple core CPU, 5GB RAM, 1 TB SATA Hard Drive)

Ok, I had CDE 1.2.1 installed and it was working fine.,

I installed the 2.0.55 Beta, but didn’t like it cause I couldn’t find a way to encrypt a single partition. It looked like I had to encrypt mu entire HDD and I dont want to do that.,

So I re-installed 1.2.1. But now when I ytu to open the program the splash screen pops up for a few second and then I get an immediate ‘Blue Screen’ and my PC reboots… This happens every single time I try to start it up now. I tried to un-install / re-install several times but it’s always the same…

Any ideas whats wrong or how I could maybe fix this problem???

Thanx in advance.

-Eric Zollman - (