CDC_Backup ##############.cbu Files

I noticed a bunch of files starting with CDC_Backup and ending with a .cbu extension in the root folder of my C: drive (vista). I am running COMODO Firewall 5.0.163652.1142.

Are these files associated with a Comodo product? If so, what are they and do I need to keep them or are they safe to delete?


CBU files are COMODO BackUp files.
You can open them with Comodo BackUp, see what they contain and delete them if you don’t need them.


Thanks for the info.
Is there a way to configure Comodo System Cleaner to store these backup files in another location?

You can configure Backup to store them in any location you prefer, including online.


I’m not using Comodo Backup. I believe the files in question are generated by Comodo System Cleaner. (I’m also using Comodo Firewall.) I don’t see any setting in the System Cleaner that would define the location for these backup files. Perhaps someone could point me in the right directions.


You can post this question on the Comodo System Cleaner forum.