CD will not allow a Default Search Engine to be set

Hi Folks,
Comodo Dragon will not give me the option to set a certain Search Engine as default. Specifically, it will not allow me to make StartPage my default Search Engine. In the listing given in “Settings” / “Manage Search Engines”, it is the only entry that does not have an option to make it default.
I have one machine that does work. Its CD browser (v33.10.0) is blocked from auto-updating (accidentally at first, but now intentionally as I am afraid if it updates I’ll lose the SP Search Default).
A second machine machine will not allow it at all and is current in its CD browserversion.
Is there a way to make the Engine Default"?
Is there a hazard with not being current in the browser version?

Hi hexanol,
From the external link below, click install and then follow the steps to make StartPage the default search engine.
It works fine here in Dragon version

Hope that helps.