cd to personal firewall installation folder

egemon wrote:
1- CD to personal firewall installation folder
2- type “fwconfig -uninstall” from the command line
3- restart Windows
4- Manually delete all files

I installed Comodo personal firewall sometime ago, but it blocked things I wanted to do and got in the way my computing, just very, very frustrating, so I went through the lengthy process of uninstalling. This time with Vista 64 bit I had trouble finding any firewall that would work as well as a working antivirus. So with many misgivings I installed both. But the first thing I did was try to find out how to uninstall if it is as frustrating this time as it was before.

I found the above in “how to remove comodo,” but I have no idea what the first line means. CD used to mean change directory. However, I no longer use DOS and have no directories that I know about in Vista. I have not checked but I am not sure that I have a firewall installation folder as I just hit run and then hit run again and it is installed

But since I need to use the program this time is there an instruction guide or manual anywhere that tells me how to configure the program so that I can, perhaps, avoid all the frustrations of it not being as easy to configure and use as ZoneAlarm.