CD Secure DNS .. Wrong ?

Which secure DNS is correct :

The ones as given in the installer for Comodo Dragon
8 26 56 26
156 154 70 22

Or, the ones given on the website Free Comodo Secure DNS | Best DNS Security Solution 2022
8 26 56 26

I realise the Primary server is the same, but the secondary … Are they both right ( you have a couple of secondaries ) ?

I am guessing the CD installer will be the most up to date … But I am not confident.

adobe flash ( << Magic words - Seems a good way of getting someone to take a look at anything around here :slight_smile: )

Anyone ?

the 156.x range is the older dns. the 8.x range is the newer range which has some extra functionality. I believe its still being worked on so they use the old server as a backup just in case the new one has any issues/downtime.

Here is the page about the newer DNS:

Thank you Wasgij6

I think I will go with both 8’s, on the theory that the newer will become the standard, and that any problems will be resolved as they occur, and that the Secondary will only get used on a rare circumstance that the Primary fails.

I am setting up all of my machines behind the router to have the same IPV4 DNS Server settings which will take precedence over the router settings …

My ISP provided router has its own ISP DNS server settings which cannot be changed ( we found out this a few weeks ago when British Telecom DNS servers had a major outage affecting most of the country ) … Sneaky bar stewards.