CD rom taskbar icon

Hi A friend of mine has asked me what has gone on here? I’m struggling. An icon has appeared in the taskbar to safely remove his CD/DVD drive (matshita UJ 831D) obviously he doesn’t want to! So what can I do to remove this icon? What possibly made it appear (even after reinstalling windows it appears). Thanks

It wouldn’t be your ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ icon, would it?
pic of USB memory stick with a green circle and a white checkmark inside?
if it is, this is part of Windows, allowing PnP hardware to be mounted/dismounted safely without shutting down your computer first.

Yes it is the Safely Remove Hardware icon but its not for a removable drive its actually flagging the fixed CD drive.

It appears this icon may also show up when using SATA drives (SATA can be configured AHCI, ‘Hot Swap’). Is your DVD drive SATA?

If your IDE drivers are from Nvidia, it may also produce what you see. let Windows drivers manage your IDE instead (they are much better, and Nvidia will confirm this).

Another option is to simply hide the icon by right clicking the taskbar, and select Properties. Under the ‘Notifications Area’ tab, select Customize, locate the icon, and mark it as ‘Hide Always’. You can safely ignore this icon. Hiding it prevents any accidental mouse click on it.

Not my machine could you run me through the top two please? I had already done the last option I’m just looking for an option to remove the icon! Anyway nothing serious then?

The top one is simply asking if you have a SATA DVD drive.
The second one, from Control Panel/System/Device Manager/DVD Drives, right click on your drive, select Properties/Driver.
This window will show you who the driver provider is and allow you to update the driver.

Don’t know. Microsoft

Then your only remaining option (that I can find at this time) is to hide the icon.

(If you are comfortable taking the side off of the case, a SATA drive has a thin and narrow - usually red but I also have a white and a black - cable from it to your motherboard.)

I thought I gave a flippant reply before sorry. I opened DM DVD PROP details then devnode flags and it says removable so I think there lies my answer?

I believe so.