CD now has 4 sec delay on closing

Just started using Comodo Dragon about a week ago and was really liking it, but a couple of days ago, it started doing nothing for about 4 seconds when the close-X in upper right was clicked. Before that, clicking the X resulted in an almost instant close of the app–normal behavior.

I disabled all extensions and it still exhibited the delay. It is really “jolting” to click the X and nothing happens…for a bit, since that is the only program window that does this.

Any ideas?

Does clearing the cache fix this problem?

do you have the option enabled to clear your history, cache, etc on exit?

this causes a delay when exiting because dragon is clearing the data. i have reported this as a bug but havent heard anything.

Yes, I set it to

Clear browsing history

Clear download history

Empty cache

at exit. Now that you mention it, the slow exit could have started when I set those things!

some testing…it appears that checking browsing history to be cleared on exit is the one that adds the most to the closing time.