CD Not asking to store passwords

I had ticked the offer to store passwords and CD stored 3. Now it doesn’t offer anymore.
I installed roboform Lite extension correctly but it would not offer to store programs.
I changed CD not to offer to store passwords and that didn’t help.
I uninstalled roboform and ticked CD for “offer to save…” but still CD does not offer to store passwords.

Hi JohnLG,
If it is not to inconvenient I would clear all passwords via tools clear browsing data and try again.
Note: Some sites don’t allow saving of passwords for security reasons (This might not the issue for you).

I tried deleting all cookies, browsing history and passwords but it still did not work. It even won’t remember my logins to this forum.

I previously used roboform 6 with firefox and have over a hundred log ins stored, so these sites allow storage of passwords. I do have some sites that, as you say, have one time passwords.

What have I missed?