CD Lagging/Freezing/Crashing

Hello I’ve been using Comodo products for a long time and have enjoyed Comodo’s ISP. However, lately problems have started to rise just few days ago. (Less than a week, though it’s hard to pinpoint exact day) I apologize in advance for any poor grammar as English is my third language.

Comodo version

I am running version with nothing but Adblock as installed add-on, everything else has come from CD. CD was downloaded and installed using the setup file found from Comodo at Best Internet Browser 2022 | Free Secure Web Browser.


  1. Sometimes an open page hangs and seems to load something forever, even if it’s something very basic like opening a page or an e-mail; it goes into an eternal loop of trying to find a connection.

  2. Many crashes and “oh ■■■■■■” messages when leaving the page open and giving it time to load the eternally looping page.

  3. Downloads last infinite amount of time (left a 500 meg download open since it said would take 3 hours and 8 hours sleep later, it was still downloading and still saying 3 hours), the download does NOT cancel or break, it just never seemingly finishes and is put on a similar loop as opening the pages.

When anything like this happens, I have to close CD entirely. It takes very long time to boot up again after that, sometimes needing several enter key presses to have it open. (And even then, only one CD opens as opposed to numerous CDs as should) It also asks if I want to restore the open windows as if it had crashed despite having closed the CD normally. If I restore the pages, they may be something I had been browsing a long time ago instead of the ones that were just open.

The looping does not seemingly follow any sort of a pattern and can take from hour to 10 minutes to start. Opening new windows or new tabs will result in them having same looping problems.

Attempts at fixing problem

I tried fixing this firstly by flushing out the cache and temporary internet files and running CCleaner to clean out anything since I thought the cache was getting too large. However that didn’t work and I read about renaming the default profile as backup and making new profile but it didn’t work either. Finally, the support page told me to come here to report the problem.

This problem I’m facing is downright product breaking one; it’s making using CD almost impossible and aggravating, with me unable to save documents or even read my e-mail without constantly closing the browser and re-opening it. Please help me as I’m already willing to give up on it. :-\

Hi and welcome Drbigt,
Is this happening on any particular sites or is it random?

Just some ideas to try.
Try in incognito mode, this disables your extensions including Comodos extensions (Unless set to run in incognito) in case one is corrupt.
Try disabling Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header) and also Predict network actions to improve page load performance found under privacy.
Re-enable the above settings if the issue is still present.

Hi there, I’m also facing a similar issue mostly on secure sites/webpages especially when I’ve forced https on that domain. I’m not sure if this is because I’ve forcefully turned secure connections ON or not, because the issue is quite sporadic & random at times, anyways all sites experience this issue after a period of time i.e. say an hour or two after CD has been launched also there is no way to recover the page/tab so I have to relaunch the browser everytime this happens !

None of these steps work. The Do not allow was already checked off, checking it on did not have any effect. It happens on random websites and sometimes I get “Dragon cannot connect to the webpage, check your connection.” and other errors and after refreshing the form it works again. Sometimes on videos on say youtube, it freezes mid video despite having buffered the entire video as if it’d try and buffer it. Sometimes the buffering seemingly stops for no reason as well as if the connection is cut. ???

AS mentioned, this is very new bug and has surfaced most likely due to an update. Already before using the bug surfaced around the time it was released and I couldn’t update Dragon using the auto updating, I had to download the Dragon installer again to make it work. I’ve used Dragon for a very long time before this and had no problems with it but around the time I posted (as I mention, I am not entirely sure what day it began) it’s been really annoying and borderline impossible to use. As IT worker, I’ve always suggested Comodo in the past as the medium to use and to trust but this is actually making me change my stand. :-\

Running version and the bug still persists. I love Comodo and I love Dragon but even then I’m starting to think of changing my browser as it’s increased my stress levels due to this issue. I wish I was exaratting but it really is a major issue when someone asks me a question and my browser can’t open a window to check the answer.