CD Interferes too much with web purchases

I have a certain list of web sites that I routinely make purchases from. CD does not give me any option to identify these websites as trusted BY ME, and so every time I attempt to make a purchase from one of these websites, I get the SSL warning screen blocking EVERY attempt I make to proceed on those websites’ secure pages, including when I am attempting to process payments.

If I am to continue using CD, there is going to have to be some means introduced into the program so that a user (like myself) can identify web sites I consider reliable and trustworthy, whether CD approves of them or not. I am tired of having every step I take on one of my personally trusted websites blocked by a program that is supposed to be helping me, and I am tired of worrying whether my purchases are processing or not, thanks to CD’s interference with the normal operation of the websites I personally trust.

I get the SSL warning screen blocking EVERY attempt I make to proceed on those websites' secure pages, including when I am attempting to process payments.
Maybe theirs a glitch in dragon, what websites are causing this so someone can check it out. Just an idea :)

that’s a reason i stopped with dragon just to much interference but hopefully it will be fix in another release

A good place to start is
When you attempt to use their forums, you get an SSL Warning message when you try to log in.
When you attempt to pay for your subscription, purchase a copy of the game, or purchase anything from their story, you get an SSL Warning message at EVERY link. It gets so bad that until you finally get the notification that your purchase has gone through (after receiving an SSL Warning even for the notification), you have no way to know if the SSL Warnings have blocked your purchase attempts.

I just use the ie tab extension and when I run into that I justr hit the tab to go to ie8 and do it that way.

You shouldn’t have to do that, though. If the program were written properly, it would include a function to either automatically whitelist any domain you have login information associated with, or a feature that allows you to clear away their SSL Warning page with a “YES, I TRUST THIS WEBSITE! DON’T WARN ME ABOUT IT AGAIN!” response.

I agree we need a dont ask me again button.

I’ve personally not experienced this issue but one other thing you might consider doing is looking up the website on WOT : enter the address main URL and you can check that particular site ratings.

The security warnings you are seeing is because the site’s security validation certificate is not secure enough. The page your visiting might not be encrypted so your bank and personal details you enter might not be secure and could be exposed.

I do agree that there should be an option to add a particular site to a trusted sites list but you should check the site’s reputation beforehand.


I agree and also use WOT. :-TU

It shouldn’t matter whether I check the site’s reputation or not, though. If I choose to do business with a particular company, it’s not the place of a third party to interfere with my business. If I choose to use a third party to get information regarding that company, that’s well and good, but as soon as I tell that third party “all right, I have your information, you don’t need to continue telling me about them” it’s the job of the third party to shut up and stop droning on about that company.

Dragon doesn’t even give me that OPTION. That is why it fails. That is why it will be removed from my system, until that option is made a part of its features.

Earlier in this thread, another person asked for an example of a website that I have this problem on, so that someone could check it out. I gave a URL for precisely this reason. If it’s not important enough to check out, it’s not important enough to keep customers.

I am sure Jay will get back to you once he looks into it.