CD - i cant post a reply on gootube ?

I have no idea what’s up.
using comodo dragon, watching youtube. i want to post a comment and when i click on the window to post, instead it throws up a second google window for a few seconds. but does nothing.
bottom line i cant post any comments on youtube using comodo dragon.
i have found i can post with comodo ice dragon.
so what do i need to do to get comodo dragon back to where i can post comments again ?
anyone ?

Hi lightfoot500,
To post comments on YouTube you will need to allow 3rd party cookies.
Check the cookie settings in Dragon, found in the content settings under privacy of the advanced settings.
Also check under preferences in PrivDog’s options.

Kind regards.

ok, i went to privdog and unblocked the third party widgets, also added youtube to exceptions in privdog.
went to content settings. and added youtube to exceptions there. the third party box was greyed out and said to go to privdog to manage them.
so i did that and restarted commodo dragon.
it seems like the comments may load faster. but i still am not able to post a comment and when i click on the box to post a comment another page opens up for a few moments showing a google link and then it closes after about 3 seconds.

Hi lightfoot500,
The only other setting that I can think of that could be interfering is ‘Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header)’.
Try disabling the above setting found under privacy in the advanced settings and see if that helps.
If the above fails try disabling all extensions, apart from that I am not sure what is happening sorry.

Kind regards.