CD closes when I switch to Virtual Mode

When I use the Switch to Virtual Mode command from the drop down menu in Comodo Dragon version 80.0.3987.87 (64-bit), it closes, but then does not open in virtual mode.

It is installed in my C: drive on my Windows 10 laptop, I am running it from my administrator account, and I have no additional plugins.

Hello TheIo,can you please tell me what happens when you click the dragon icon on the CIS Widget?does it open virtual mode like that?Do you have the Virtual Comodo Dragon shortcut on you desktop, can you open virtual mode from it?

I’m opening Comodo Dragon from the desktop shortcut. I don’t have a shortcut to Virtual Comodo Dragon and can’t seem to find one, so I’ve always opened Comodo Dragon and then navigated to virtual mode from there. I also can’t find how to open it from the CIS widget, though I can find that Dragon is running as a contained app - presumably this is in virtual mode, but I can’t access it to check.

Hello again, TheIO soo it must be a problem with CIS, can you please re install CIS, and Dragon after, normally you should have a desktop shortcut of CD Virtual mode

That fixed it, thank you.