CD and EMET4.1

Hi, maybe this is preaching to the wise but i found no help…

After installing EMET 4.1 in default settings (Certificate Trust) on, I went ahead and added CD as an app, as you might expect to be able to :embarassed:

Couldn’t understand why I couldn’t even get onto Comodo webpage (others unaffected that i checked at the time anyway). The green cert padlock was missing. Thing is, EMET’s certficate trust isn’t supposed to affect third party browsers unless the registry is tweaked, according to the guide. I didn’t do nothing.

After a fun few hours trying to work out if i could add a Comodo certificate to Cert Trust I gave up and deleted CD from the EMET apps list.

Problem went away. :o

Also discovered that having CD in EMET’s apps list will break CD sandboxed unless all the ROP mitigations are unticked.

Maybe all this makes sense to somebody? Might help others anyway. :slight_smile:

I read on chrome site it don’t need EMET protection. I beleive it’s correct in respect to CD.