CD and download menager

Could somebody tell me which download menager supports CD?
I should be able, it seems to me, to use any of them which also works with Chrome, but, for example, that´s not the case with Orbit downloader . It supports Chrome, schould be working with CD too, but when i put
its np.dll file in the extension folder of my CD, it just doesn´t work.


I don’t see it as officially supported anymore. I see it listed in the Change logs for “Orbit Downloader V2.8.11”, but I don’t see it elsewhere.

Your best bet is to post something on the Orbit forums.


Expecting answer!
The latest version of Orbit,, supports Chrome, just like any version that came after the v.
It´s not mentioned in the Change logs simply because they didn´t change that fact. :slight_smile:

Are you sure? Chrome support has supposedly been out for awhile, yet their site doesn’t mention it?

I don’t see Chrome listed here

or Here.

Sure i´m sure.
Chrome is stil supported- at least the guys from Orbit claim so.
Go to Orbit ( preferences/Monitoring, and in the lower right corner there it is.
And, here is the picture:

I´m still “expecting answer” from them, but never mind - now they know, so let´s wait and see if and when in the lower right corner appears “Comodo Dragon” .

In the meantime i found this:
I´m not sure, though, if Jdownloader does the job like Orbit.

Edit:thinking again, just to be sure sure, we will know whether Orbit supports Chrome or not when somebody tries it in practice. (Big deal…:slight_smile:
I´m not using Chrome, but i´ll try to see if that Jdownloader works with CD.

Well, Jdownloader works with our CD.
And it seems, regardless of the fact whether Jdownloader-exstension for Chrome is installed on CD or not.
I didn´t noticed, though installed, that the exstesnion works at all.
To use Jdownloader with CD, in the preferences of Jd you have to check “Use custom browser” and then write the right path of your CD. So, the whole procedure goes outside of the CD.
But it works. At least for now, because i just have started using it.
Seems to be an intresting piece of software, that Jdownloader.
OK-i found 1 download menager. Enough for today! :slight_smile:

Internet Download Manager ( is the best download manager, but it doesn´t work on Comodo Dragon.

The Staff of CD should do something for IDM works on CD.

Have you posted a bug so that we may look at it?

I think this is the subject of HELP, not BUGS.
And I wrote the staff of CD should do something with CD and Internet Download Manager.

While this topic may be in the HELP section, you could still help us out by filing a bug in the BUGS section for IDM. So we may look into it.

ok, but I Don´t have bugs beacause IDM doesn´t work on CD. That would be the Bug.