CD and CID keep disappearing from my taskbar

I have both Dragon and Ice Dragon on my computer, both are on my taskbar and my IE 8 is disabled.
Everyday, the launch shortcuts on my task bar ‘disappear’, the dead link is still there, but the CD and CID logos are gone. When I click on them, a eroor message pops up that the shortcuts are invalid. The programs are also removed from my control panel. So, I have to re-install both CD and CID everyday. Is there a compatibility issue that I am unaware of?

Hi and welcome AlukToDolo,
Can you please add any information about your system that might help work out the issue?
Is it run in a virtual environment?
Also adding information requested from the bug reports guidelines might help.
How to Submit Bug Reports



Please check if system restore is running on system startup or shut down or if you have DeepFreeze (or a similar application) installed.
Also tell us which versions of Comodo Dragon and IceDragon you have installed. If you are using older versions of the applications the behavior could be related to an update malfunction.
You can also look for the “ComodoLogsFolder” in %windir%\Temp and attach the “dragon_setup.log”, “dragon_updater.exe.log” and “icedragon_updater.exe.log” files. These should tell us if there were any issues with the recent update activities.

Thank you.