CD Ad Blocker Recommendations please

I’ve installed what I think is the latest CD, Version
from Version

I Prefer, the latest version is slow on XP

What I’m really asking is, what is the COMODO’S recommended ad block software to download and install ?

Or, are there features in CD or C Antivirus I’m not aware of to block the ads ?

Can I roll back and re-install the previous version of cd, if so where can I download the install file from


Hi Lazlo,
You can download previous versions from the external link below, previous versions available from the drop down menu.
Comodo Dragon-Filehorse

Please note: Downgrading has been known to corrupt user profiles, so be certain to back up bookmarks etc.
Tip: Export your ‘Bookmarks’ to a HTML file for safe keeping.

Regarding ad-blocking.

Kind regards.


Hi Lazlo,
You are welcome, I hope the downgrade worked out OK for you.

Kind regards.