CD 27.0.4 : rendering

1st : not very happy to see download redirect to CNet for CD. CNet is not something I would associate with “Creating Trust Online”. Apart from that, last time I checked the CNet download points to an old version (26.0) of CD.

2nd : there appears to be a rather serious rending bug in CD As an example : compare using CD and Chrome/27.0.1453.94 or even Chromium 29.0.1523.0.


Under which conditions did you observe the download redirect. Did you attempt to update Dragon or did you try to download the Dragon setup from the website.

Please add screenshots with the website in Dragon and Chrome and point out the differences as they are seen on your system.


CNet link with older version can be found on the download page for CD on this site. It still links to a download for version 26.0.2.

screen prints, see attached (cd.png : CD 27.0.4 and cr.png : Chrome 27.0.1453.94 – both have same rendering engine) : it appears CD stacks the layout columns rather than rendering them side by side. This occurs on a number of sites. At first I thought it was a ‘classic’ https error : https for page on main domain but no https for css on CDN server; or that the user-agent was mistaken for ‘mobile’ (typically stack cols). After a look at the source and CSS, neither appear to be the case for any of the sites to get rendered this way.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Figured it out looking at the screen-prints…NOT a bug in CD but issue on sites in question – also a ‘classic’ : cols stack when over a certain zoom level.
Odd, rendered ok before upgrade and I did not change zoom levels…


Are you referring to the Forum? Please add a link to the page where you found the Dragon download link.

If it is a page zoom issue it is possible that you accidentally modified the setting when you last visited the page. The zoom level is easily changed through Ctrl+mouse scroll.


Hi esjr and George,
I have just tested this and the Forum downloads the current version correctly, but the product page is downloading the previous version.
Comodo Dragon Product Page

here is the link [I cut the query string] : Best Internet Browser 2022 | Free Secure Web Browser

and no did not change zoom, not even accidentally – as a developer I tend to watch these things : testing stuff etc :wink:

I just tried with Opera 12/15, FF 21.0, IE 10, Dragon 27.1 and IceDragon and they all render like Dragon does in your images and not how Chrome does.