CD, red screen problem.

I bought a few weeks ago a screen Asus MX239 and, since I installed it, Comodo Dragon presents me with a red background in any page of websites I open (except settings and new tab).
Here’s an example:

I tried to uninstall the browser and reinstall it, but there was no change.

It’s a browser bug?
It’s editable?

  • Comodo Dragon (Stable)
  • Plugins/Themes: none
  • Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)
  • System Drive (C:)
  • Place (C:) > Programs (x86) > Comodo > Dragon
  • User privileges: administrator
  • Google Chrome 26.0.1410.64

Hi and welcome rabukimi,
Try clearing your browser data. Ctrl+Shift+Del

If the above fails,
Please try the portable version this will help eliminate user profile issues.
Note: The portable version will not effect your installed version.
Dragon Portable

Thank you.

Thank you for the quick reply ^ ^

I have followed your instructions and I’ve tried both methods, but neither of them worked :frowning:

Hi rabukimi,
Is it only Dragon with the issue?
If this was happening system wide, I would suspect graphics cable connections.
Either way, please check the cable connections are seated correctly and be certain that no connections pins are distorted.
Can you temporarily try the previous monitor?

Adding as much information as possible from the following link may help the Developers reproduce the issue.
How to Submit Bug Reports
Thanks for your time and effort.

I have seen this red screen pages on my XP 32 system but very rarely. I dont know what could be the reason but I have got the red pages screen very rarely when I click show unread posts or show new replies here in comodo forums but it automatically get back to normal within 2-3 secs & no further prob.

As I said very rarely & dont know why? And no other pages or website yet, only when clicking show unread posts or show new replies but very rarely.

Yes, it is only Dragon with this issue. I also use Ice Dragon and Chrome, and both work well.
I checked the cables and they are connected properly. I also thought it might be the HDMI cable to give problems, but also by connecting the VGA cable, the problem persists.
I’ve also tried to connect the previous monitor, but the screen is always red.

I will report this information to the link that you gave me, hoping to find a solution. CD is a nice browser, fast and light, I like it a lot.

Thank you again for the help ^ ^

Thanks rabukimi and sorry no one has come up with a solution.
With the report information it might be helpful to add the system graphics hardware that is being used, as this appears to be some form of graphics issue with Dragon.
You can either post the information below or use the modify function and add the information to your opening post.

Thanks again from Captainsticks. :slight_smile:

Windows 7 - Ultimate - 64 Bits; Nvidia GT 430; NVidia 3D Vision; Back groud cor de rosa e problemas com DVDFab media player em full screen.

Após atualização do drive NVidia, versão de 12/05/2013, o problema foi resolvido, tanto no Comodo Dragon quanto no DVDFab Media Player.

Try disabling the 3d and check if the problem is resolved.

After updating the NVidia drive the problem was solved.

Drive current: Version - 12/05/2013.