CD release & Privalert feedback [merged topic]

Hi everyone,

Glad to be a part of the Forums at Comodo.

I’ve recently had the update of CD to v23.4.0.0 and I must say, outstanding thank you for the constant updates! I’ve recommended this browser over all the others to all my friends and geek buddys who never knew.

About Privalert, it’s a great little addon that literally blocks everything and anything you want it to.
My two flaws with it are;
Why does it slow down my web page load speed? & How would I re-download the addon?
If you made it downloadable could you possibly make it only compatible and available for CD so that Google chrome users wont have the benefit of this wonderful addon leaving them to possibly switch browsers…

Thanks for your time.
Kind regards,

Hi and welcome neogen,
I have not seen any slow downs personally but it has temporarily been removed for stability issues, see below.

At this stage there is no other download location, that could change in the future.

I haven’t updated yet to know, but if the priv_alert.crx is still present in C:\Program Files\COMODO\Dragon\extensions in V23.4 following the instructions to re-install Privalert found here should work.

With the following please use caution and at your own risk as Comodo has temporarly removed Privalert due to some instability issue, thanks.
For those that want Privalert back as a workaround following the instructions here will add it back for you.

If you have lost the priv_alert.crx file, download and extract the attachment.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Privalert was the best ad/pop up blocker comodo dragon created, and i want it back
i am one of those people who fking tired of ads and pop ups. i want this back.

and if possible think you guys can create a mobile browser version with privalert added.
i am also sick and tired of searching the web on my phone just to get spamed with ads and never
able to get where i want to go.

if new you guys where going to remove it i would have never updated my browser.

…I’ll second that - PrivAlert was truly the best - Just tried Ghostery in IE8 (for whatever that’s worth) as an experiment, & it was horrible - maybe I didn’t know how to set it up (checked everything), & CPU kernel usage went to 100% & rendered IE8 a stick in the mud - But, I checked everything in PrivAlert, & it rocked & NOTHING ON MY BOX WAS UNSTABLE…

There were some issues with Privalert…and they’re working on making it better before they bring it back out. Just be patient. =)

…experiment #2
DoNotTrackMe (formerly DoNotTrack+) /w/ IE8
(for whatever that’s worth) IE slow, blows
Rocks pretty good, hides same ads as PrivAlert
Also the widget stuff ■■■■ the Google+ bar
Don’t wanna F /w/ the Dragon addin’ & removin’
Just nice to know there’s at least something to
use as a last resort if PrivAlert isn’t back soon

…experiment # 3…
Ditched DoNotTrackMe, blows too.
Settings window is a hassle, but I found
a new trick - native function of IE8.
If you ding around /w/ Internet Explorer like
I do once in a while, this works great.
There are ways to import a downloaded XML
file if you want it right now, but, DL’d files
are like a box 'o chocolates. This method is
one that “learns” & takes a while, based on
“your” web travels, wherever you go,
(but I’m sure excludes Microsoft websites)
Oh, but of course.
How to Enable InPrivate Filtering by Default in Internet Explorer 8.


I’ll second (or third) all the good things that have been said about Privalert! Looking forward to its “new” release asap!

…experiment #4

I got daring & tried the XML file
hey, wow, it totally works

good instruction article

article /w/ the XML file