cCloud and cDrive for Windows Relased


We are proud to announce the release of new Comodo cCloud(former known as Online Storage)! It’s not just a change of name, instead is a total new service.
Both the server and the client side of the cCloud service were redesigned.

This release includes cCloud and cDrive
Below is just a summary of the large changelog since last release.

What’s new & fixed (compared to

  • Brand new redesigned website ;
  • 10GB for free + another 10 GB for referrals (200 MB for each referral);
  • You can register as a free home user or free business user. Business users have the posibility to configure groups of subaccounts and control level of access to files and folders by groups/users;
  • Redesigned clients (setups & user interfaces);
  • Significant improvements in upload/download speed for synchronized folder;
  • cCloud notifications when a file upload/download from/to sync folder is finalized;
  • cCloud has tray indicator for upload/download speed;
  • cDrive has significantly better browsing/upload/download speed than the last version;
  • Occasional BSODs caused by CBReparse.sys;
  • Rare high processor usage in COSService;
  • Occasional hang when restarting the computer;
  • Explorer freezes;
  • User interface freeze after login attempt;
  • Old cCloud data is still available here . We are currently working on migrating old data to new cCloud;
  • Other minor fixes.

What’s fixed since BETA

  • Missing tray icon for cDrive;
  • Windows 8 occasional hang when using cDrive;
  • File not deleted when cancelling a copy operation on cDrive;
  • Crashes when installing cCloud 3.0 or cDrive 1.0 with CB 4.2;
  • Register problems on cCloud website .

Known Issues

  • If you have previous versions of cCloud or Comodo Backup please uninstall them before installing this version;
  • Occasionally mouning Comodo Cloud Drive can fail. A fix for this issue will be available in a few days;
  • Rarely, if CB is installed along with cDrive, the mounted drive letter might be A: and inaccessible;
  • Processor usage during sync might be high if you have tens of thousands of files on cCloud;
  • Sometimes the cDrive login window might get stuck at the application is being initializing;
  • Issue may appear when trying to delete items that were just uploaded to the online account or moved on the mounted cDrive;
  • Renaming an item from cDrive might fail occasionaly.

Bug Reports:

Please use cCloud and cDrive topics to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.

Download Location:

Setup for Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2003 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2008 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit:


cCloud Download link 1 :

cCloud Download link 2 :

Size: 16.9 MB (17818936 bytes)
MD5: FCD999CA7809589C7BF00E11F2B03823
SHA1: B22EFD34B52D74E4B5C049BB027EDFBBD053C4A8

cDrive Download link 1 :

cDrive Download link 2 :

Size: 17.7 MB (18618288 bytes)
MD5: B9904826CDE4094F2034AB195BA077FB
SHA1: 48EC74868FD5EB5C8487604054979A7C85A419AC

This is a lot better than previous versions.

A good job well done. :slight_smile: Now would be a good time to ask Melih for a pay rise!!! :wink:


thanks for new version :-TU ;D

when will old files be available?

good job guys!

i really like the new i just installed cdrive and everything seems great. thanks emanuel and team :-TU

can you pls tell us if you find it faster than dropbox etc?

I’ve no idea if it’s quicker or not, but it suits my needs perfectly. I just need to sort out the extra 5gb of free space.


when uploading a lot of small files the speed seemed similar to dropbox. i havent tested it with large files.

It might be hard to see the difference becuz my upload speeds are slow. i usually only get around 100 kb/a

Edit: I would like to say that I have noticed a big improvement with the softwares stability and reliability. I have also noticed a huge improvement with the actually cloud. I’m not getting constant errors and the GUI is much more user friendly.

new cCloud is really faster than the previous. it is obvious :-TU
but on this marketland MEGA is the best 8) 50GB for free and best upload and download speed I think

Keep up the good work Mr. Sescu & your team (CNY)

Could you add option for cloud storage so users can check wether they want to sync cloud data with local PC or not. It’s well made it Skydrive software where you could check Skydrive folders you want to be downloaded/synced to your PC.

If you select none, only files/folders you create will be uploaded. That way, one doesn’t have to download whole cloud data to his/her PC.

Files still not available after a week of release. Too slow COMODO :-TD :-TD :-TD

Even cDrive doesn’t shows files… what a heck…

What is the estimation time that file will be available to us in new web interface and through software?

Until then cDrive useless to me. Will be uninstalling soon.

I have also another question.

About this

10GB for free + another 10 GB for referrals (200 MB for each referral);

I have nearly 2GB through referral. So what should be current space? Is it 10GB free + nearly 2GB through referral??

We will consider this feature for next releases.


Migration of data that was uploaded before last week release is in progress. Due to large amount of data it could be a few weeks until it is finalized.



Come on, you cannot be serious.
You are asking something that in your perception is really easy as just as COPY&PASTE.

First of all, COMODO is giving away all that space for FREE. Why demanding such things using that tone/way?

Second, you could probably have in your account less than 5GB of data which would be transferred in only a few seconds/minutes. But look at it on COMODOs side, they have Terabytes to transfer. Even with the fastest hard drives out there, it takes time for the disks (hardware) to write all that amount of data.

Thanks! It’s just I do not want to download for example 20GB of data to my PC when I use the same Ccloudaccount on my laptop and PC. Waste of time/bandwith. However, for example if I want to work on one project on both machines, I could just make Ccloud to sync only one folder so it’s always up to date on all my machines :slight_smile:

Sorry w-e-v… if I sound harsh… My apologies to Comodo Team if I was too harsh… But w-e-v, I think comodo should have transfer files and folders before releasing final version of ccloud… isn’t it so?

No worries :smiley:

I fairly think that could have been an option. :-TU
But if they would have done it that way, would you be happy with your data in a BETA service?