cCloud BETA & cDrive BETA Released !


We are happy to announce the release of cCloud BETA and cDrive BETA. Both the server and the client side of the cCloud service(former known as Online Storage) were redesigned. Below is just a summary of the large change log since last release.

What’s new & improved (compared to cCloud

  • Brand new redesigned website, just for the BETA on
  • You can register as a free home user or free business user. Business users have the possibility to configure groups of subaccounts and control level of access to files and folders by groups/users.
  • Redesigned clients (setups & user interfaces)
  • Significant improvements in upload/download speed for synchronized folder
  • cCloud notifications when a file upload/download from/to sync folder is finalized
  • cCloud has tray indicator for upload/download speed
  • cDrive has significantly better browsing/upload/download speed than the last version.

What’s fixed (compared to cCloud

  • Occasional BSODs caused by CBReparse.sys
  • Rare high processor usage in COSService
  • Occasional hang when restarting the computer
  • Explorer freezes
  • User interface freeze after login attempt
  • Other minor fixes

Known Issues

  • If you have previous versions of cCloud or Comodo Backup please uninstall them before installing this version
  • Occasionally mounting Comodo Cloud Drive can fail. A fix for this issue will be available in a few days.
  • Rarely, if CB is installed along with cDrive, the mounted drive letter might be A: and inaccessible.
  • Processor usage during sync might be high if you have tens of thousands of files on cCloud
  • Renaming an item from cDrive might fail occasionally

Bug Reports:

Please use cCloud & cDrive bug report topics to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.


This product is intended for users (BETA Testers) who would like to join the testing process. It may contain major bugs that could cause serious problems and not be suitable for your everyday use yet. Please do not use it in your production machines.

Download Location:

Setup for Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2003 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2008 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit:


cCloud Download link 1 :

cCloud Download link 2 :

Size: 16.9 MB (17782248 bytes)
MD5: D35FBBCB1588D7D5831EC7384AC31EFB
SHA1: 8D4A5742EF5E0F3FCB221ACDA291FF8127D2D0B9

cDrive Download link 1 :

cDrive Download link 2 :

Size: 17.7 MB (18595400 bytes)
MD5: FFA6A3D18633AD98A84A72E345407506

good work guys!

this is faster than dropbox in upload and dowload speed and you have much more features!

Love the local drive feature…very very nice!

Second that, just LOVE the local drive. Makes it so much easier to just have one place for uploading content :slight_smile:
I don’t like local folders, cDrive is way to go!

Yep…you can always count on us to innovate for you :wink:

Is there any way I can select which drive letter cDrive will use?

At the moment if my USB drive (L) is not switched on, cDrive assigns itself to L. But if my USB drive is switched on, then cDrive assigns itself to G.

I would prefer to keep each device to it’s own drive letter.


cDrive will maintain last drive letter if not in use. Once cDrive assigns itself to G it should keep that drive letter if not in use.

Are we going to be able to import addresses into the address book either as a file or directly from the likes of Google, Facebook etc?


I definitely have to ask this type of question (the question that is always asked when a new product BETA version is released):

. When will it go public, and be available for Linux, Mac, iOS and Android? ;D

Great to see progress of comodo cloud…

But I would also like to see metro app for windows 8 and windows phone and I think user base won’t be much of issue in these platform.

Comodo also need to bring their apps together.

Like syncing of bookmarks, extensions, apps of comodo dragon in cloud account rather than google account. You can take inspiration from Opera,. How they use chromium engine and brought up in their own way… You need to do same…

Are we going to be able to see jpg thumbnails ?
So far this is the only advantage Google Drive/Dropbox has over cCloud.

On the speed issue, uploaded 366mb worth of photos in around 20mins last night.


we will…plus more…we will give you a faster online storage that has much innovation in it…one step at a time :wink:

Are we going to be able to sync with other online storage services (dropbox, amazon, etc)?

Thanks Melih

I installed cCloud, but on running for first time it stated that the “Comodo Online Service” was not running. Unfortunately when I checked under Services, there was no mention of “Comodo Online Service”.

I tried the Repair option and when that did not fix the problem I tried a fresh install. This also failed.

Have now tried both links from this web page, without success.

Windows 7 64 bit
Macrium Reflect Free

I have managed to install this on a PC running Windows 7 32 bit.