cCloud 10GB for free the first 90 days (NOT YET!)


This post is only to give my honest opinion about what COMODO is doing with cCloud.

Although cCloud seems to have improve over Online Storage, cCloud is still not ready for such restriction of 90 days free of use. Why? Mainly, for 3 reasons:

  1. cCloud is under heavy and constant upgrade. A user won’t see those updates and improvements within a short term of 90 days. cCloud it is still young in development terms for COMODO to restrict its use to 90 days as if cCloud would be already a complete and advanced solution.
  2. The web interface still needs A LOT of work. Sometimes it gets so slow that you can’t do nearly anything (including the software cDrive). This happens very often. Besides, it is still missing A LOT of basic features for a basic cloud storage service (i.e.: thumbnails in web, watch videos and pictures online, file versioning, upgrades by references, etc).
  3. COMODO just launched cCloud for Android, and its not working as it should (I already filed an upload that bug already). It is missing A LOT of features too, but of course is understandable because it is brand new the version for Android.

So, in other words, cCloud is still pretty young and not ready for restricting users to only 90 days. It would be better to give at least a year, or free forever with 2GB or 5GB, so the users can see how it will be improved over time and this will build their loyalty.

COMODO won’t keep most of its users when they register for a limited period of time and to find that there is not much to do with the solution, other than storing data online and sync this data with the PC (not even with the Android device yet, because it has just been launched and needs improvement. I cannot talk about iOS since I haven’t used it but I already have references about it and were not that good).

Just think about it COMODO. cCloud is going into the right direction and its going to be a good cloud storage solution. It is by now. But with time will improve much more. So why restricting users to see so little in only 90 days?