Ccleaner vs Comodo System Cleaner

Would love to hear what people think Ccleaner vs Comodo System Cleaner please.

Which one and why? (do feel free to be totally frank pls about either products). (of course lets compare the latest versions of both products)



Unfortunatly, CSC in its current state is completely unusable (at least for me) due to some critical bugs, but older versions worked just fine. Registry cleanup module in CSC is much more powerfull than the same in cc. Also, IMO cc’s UI looks much better.

OK, let’s be frank. >:-D

Pro for CCleaner:

  1. Just ONE click to clear everything except registry. The Power Clean button of CSC is a step in the right direction but it still requires some confirmations during cleaning.

  2. Speed. I think CCleaner is faster to make this complete one-click cleaning.

  3. Custom paths in CCleaner is very useful. The Filter Entries in CSC/CDC is nice, but not quite the same as CCleaner’s Options | Include (complemented by Exclude).

  4. Everything is presented in just one GUI with tab-like style.

  5. CCleaner includes privacy cleaning of some applications that CSC lacks. There is however just one example on my system: 7-Zip. Cleaned by CCleaner but not CSC.

These five points are essentially the pros of CCleaner, IMHO. In all other aspects I prefer CSC because I believe it cleans more things, it tweaks the system (Comodo System Settings) and it has SAFE DELETE.

In the end, you can’t cover every file a user want to clean. There are things which are not “reasonable” to add to any cleaning application, thus you need to add it through custom paths. I can deny myself all the five points above except one: #3! - and that’s the reason why I’m keeping CCleaner along with CSC.

You are so close with CSC, and with the brilliance of development you’ve showed since you introduced CSC in the first place, I’m sure you can take it even higher and make at least one user (me :D) forget about CCleaner.

very useful feedback.

Please keep it coming!


I have never really liked Ccleaner so I guess I am not unbiased in my assessment.

Ccleaner has no manual update.
Ccleaner does not have a backup and restore for Windows and Applications clean. (most important)

I do like the way they keep the cookies that you do not want removed, as well as the include exclude files.


To me,
Comodo System Cleaner is kind of like CCleaner on steroid

I agree with LeoniAquila on #3, other then that, you put ccleaner’s name to shame

Good Job Melih :slight_smile:

maybe this should be uploaded to a couple of p2p networks. It’ll spread like wildfire :o

I like to right click the Recycle bin, and Run CCleaner to clean. :slight_smile: Not as powerful as CSC, but quick and safe.

Also, Run CCleaner when computer starts is good for my friends, who don’t clean manually. :wink:

Hello :wink:

Just my two cents worth 88)

CCleaner pros :-TU:

  • easy to use and customise
  • available in a variety of languages
  • nice GUI
  • portable version
  • other pluses which Leoni and Jowa have already mentioned :wink:
  • it’s free
  • I trust it

CCleaner cons :-TD:

  • registry scanning isn’t that thorough as in CSC
  • no option to do a restore point before cleaning

CSC pros :-TU:

  • powerful registry scanning :-TU
  • backup & SAFE DELETION
  • it’s free
  • portable version
  • it’s got an amazing team developing it (:CLP)

CSC cons :-TD:

  • a bit hard to get the hang of at first
  • no multilingual versions
  • SAFE DELETION pop-up doesn’t always well…pop up ;D after a reboot
  • why is CSC always pestering me if I want to do a restore point before cleaning if I have the appropriate option checked in settings?
  • doing a scan is often like playing Russian roulette. Why? Once I did a disk scan and it found more than 1000 errors and it asked me if I wanted to use SAFE DELETION. I said ‘Yes’. Upon a reboot I received a pop-up asking me to check if everything was fine so I did it. When I was pretty much sure everything was OK I pressed ‘Finalize’ and got a BSOD. I kept getting them numerous times (as soon as I logged to the system). I had to resort to a restore point which helped to fix this.
    As you can see my trust in CSC has got a little bit undermined :-.

That’s all I can think of right now. Maybe I will add something to the list soon.

To me it is very simple…

CCleaner is fast, easy, clean and requires no reboot. (although not as thorough as CSC)

CSC is a little slower, a little ‘clunkier’, more thorough but requires manual attention and always requires me to reboot (very annoying!) - i should have the option to ‘reboot’ later or it should automatically do the fixes the next time i reboot.

Overall i think CSC will be the better product but it needs further development to be more ‘sleek’, quick and light…of course not losing all the power! :-TU

Thank you Melih for starting the thread. There are many good points here, I’m sure it’ll help improve CSC.

I think my conclusion/summary is:

CCleaner is lighter and requires less clicks to clean. CSC is more throughout but demands more of the user. As a result, I have CCleaner for every-day-cleaning, and CSC for every-week-cleaning.

pls keep it coming… these are very useful…


I agree with what LeoniAquila wrote.

I have another reason I keep using Ccleaner. It deletes index.dat files.

Ccleaner shows you that it didn’t delete the files right then, but tells you it will delete it the next time the computer starts.
System Cleaner lets you check the box, but then tells you it could not delete index.dat. I can’t find any information on whether it deletes it the next time the computer starts.

*and, System Cleaner does take a little higher learning curve. I’m still learning, and I’m trying to be very careful with what I delete right now!

ccleaner doesn’t crash my computer at restart… :stuck_out_tongue:

I will have to go with what other people have said about CCleaner for the most part, because I only used it 3 or 4 times before CSC came out.

CSC seems to be much more thorough, in that it removes many more registry entries and many more junk files than CCleaner did the few times I used it. But, like several of the posters have stated, it can be somewhat adventuresome to use CSC.

  • SAFE DELETION pop-up STILL doesn’t always pop up after a reboot.
  • SAFE DELETION wouldn’t even work right, until this latest version, on one of our Vista computers. After clicking the Finalize or Restore buttons, this computer would always immediately reboot and go into a continuous reboot loop. To stop this, a system restore had to be performed.
  • The latest version of CSC has inactivated the NIC Netgear SmartWizard interface and, subsequently, the Internet connection on our other Vista Ultimate computer, but not on the one that previously had the SAFE DELETE problem. I had to uninstall and reinstall the Netgear software to get both the Netgear SmartWizard interface and the Internet connectivity to work again. I have not yet isolated whether CRC or CDC was the culprit. But none of the previous versions of CSC caused this to happen.
  • I really like the thoroughness that CSC provides when removing both registry entries and temp files, but the system stability and problems encountered after running CRC and CDC indicates CSC has not reached maturity. It is now a Tweener, somewhere between a child throwing temper tantrums and a head-strong teenager that doesn’t always cooperate with its parent (user).

I really love Comodo Internet Security and have found it to be very stable, functional and usable, ever since it first came out in Beta, on our XP and all our Vista computers. Comodo System Cleaner is powerful and has huge potential, but the full public release versions have never been as dependable as CIS was in Beta. Some people have complained about CIS 3.8 needing to stay in Beta longer because of problems that appeared after the final release, but I feel that statement applies to CSC, not to CIS. I realize that CSC is a foray into an area that Comodo was not previously involved in, system cleaning, but the problems that have manifested themselves in the public release versions of CSC indicate that it possibly should still be a Beta product. I like CSC, but I make this comment because I never know what to expect after using CSC.

In regards to the SAFE DELETE function in CDC and the REGISTRY PROTECTION function in CRC, I ultimately don’t want to have to use them. I want to be able to run CRC and CDC without encountering any problems after running them. I continue to check these two new functions out to see if they are working like they are supposed to, but I currently have to rely on System Restore when either one of these new functions has a problem. System Restore is currently a more reliable way to correct any problems that have occurred as a result of using CSC, but it doesn’t always successfully restore the computer to the chosen restore point. If SAFE DELETE and REGISTRY PROTECTION can mature to the point where they work correctly EVERY time, then they will prove that they deserve to be functions included in CSC, since System Restore doesn’t work 100% of the time. I feel certain both these new functions will reach that point.

The few times that I used CCleaner, it never created any unexpected problems for the computer I was using it on. I also use Registry FirstAid, now in version 7.0, and it doesn’t create any unexpected probems for the computer that I use it on. It relies on a full registry backup and System Restore if there is ever a problem created by removing registry entries. I ultimately expect CSC to do its cleaning jobs and never create any unexpected problems for the computers that I use it on. I am sure that is the goal of the CSC development team. I feel certain that CSC will get to that point, but it isn’t there yet.

CCleaner is great for just a quick clean of temp & cookies plus i can just right click recycle bin & clean from there. CSC is much more thorough & the registry cleaner is far better. Also 64 bit support which is always a plus.

I posted this back on March 3, but it never got any replies. Thought it still might be something worthwhile to investigate. Consider this scenario:
I am a new employee at Comodo, in charge of providing PC Desktop support.
Melih has a problem with his PC and asks me to come over to check it out. He’s having a problem with the IE Browser.
I bring it to my work area, troubleshoot what’s going on with it, type a few things…like ‘Melih, what a ■■■■!’ in the Google search bar field.
One of two things happens next.
a) If I run ccleaner, it clears it, everyone’s happy.
b) Run CSC, and return it to Melih. He types in ‘m’ and sees…(we don’t need to guess :-X)

All kidding aside, I find the products developed by Comodo to be of the highest quality.
The only slight criticism I have is that when a new product is released, perhaps emphasize that it is in a ‘beta’ state. Then when the ‘beta’ is taken off, we know it’s a product that has been tested for awhile and is ready for production use. These are products given to us at no cost, yet provide the necessary means to keep our on-line activity secure and our workstations healthy. For this I am extremely grateful!

I would like to notify the developers of the System Cleaner of a feature in the privacy cleaner process that does not do a complete job of deleting search criteria in Internet Explorer 7.
When IE7 is initially installed, there is a request to define the default search engine to be used.
I chose Google, so after the installation, it placed a Google search bar just across from the address bar.
When I run Privacy cleaner using the latest version of System Cleaner, it does not delete search words that were used in that field. ‘Autocomplete’ is supposed to delete the search keywords, but it does not. I used a competing product…sshhh (ccleaner)…and it was able to delete all search keywords.
Just thought I should make the developers aware of a potential privacy issue.

I just gave CSC a try and have to say I’m impressed. I do have some suggestions/quibbles, etc.

One thing I noticed right off is that the disc cleaner does not provide any information about file sizes or total space that is being reclaimed by running it. It only reports a number of files, which is not very useful. I’m more concern about space and file size.

I also don’t understand why IE temporary internet files are part of both disc cleaner and privacy cleaner, while the other browsers are only supported by the privacy cleaner.

And why does the privacy cleaner take so long to load?

I noticed that Safari was missing from its list of supported browsers. Not sure about Google Chrome as I don’t have it installed. Was glad to see uTorrent on the list though!

CCleaner supports cleaning up after more applications such as Adobe Reader, MS Office, Java, Google Toolbar, Flash, Quicktime, etc.

I’ve also noticed that sometimes the privacy cleaner will not display after closing it and re-launching it. The process runs but there’s no GUI. I can kill the process in task manager and try launching it again and that seems to fix it.

The help file could really use some TLC. Some statements just don’t explain things very well and there are places where it uses poor English:

Selecting this option instructs the Windows to perfect the allocation of size of temporary files that are created ad-hoc, on execution of running applications.

It is not “the Windows” and I have no idea what this sentence is trying to tell me.

Also, I think the help system needs to be accessible from all application windows and not just from the main window. I was on the System Settings screen and had some questions about what certain options were. I went looking for Help but could not find it. I then realized I had seen it on the main window. It would be better if it was accessible from each window. Perhaps some pop-up tool-tip type explanations of what the options do would be helpful.

Overall it is a great program that just needs some tweaks to make it just right.

And maybe a little check so we can remove Hotfixes Uninstallers also, which can occupy much space without any use over time? CCleaner has this good thing.

Minimalists, back me up :slight_smile:

So CSC doesn’t remove the NTFS compressed hotfix uninstallers? If so, I’m the first one to agree with you!!!

I always remove them, and many many other Windows folders, manually.