CCleaner or regclean? ~ Best free cleaner? Whats your choice?

This is broken into 2 sections.

I currently use CCleaner it seems to be good from what I read and from what I can tell when I use the program…not that I know allot.

I did got to Regclean and did a scan and it showed I had like 90+ errors. But if I am using CCleaner shouldnt it of taken out those?

What is the best free cleaner out there? Is it CCleaner? or does something out there do a better job?

If you list please mention if it is for Novices, expert etc., etc.

Just like different AV’s will detect different malware, certain reg cleaners will detect different keys than others.

CCleaner is not a deep registry cleaner. In other words, it is for novices because it only deletes keys that are 100% (or close to 100%) safe to delete. RegClean is more thorough.

I use Comodo System Cleaner, because it does a deep clean and it gives me a chance to recover if i make a mistake with its Safe Delete feature. I don’t think anyone else has that. So this makes Comodo System Cleaner deep cleaner that is safe to use for novices!


Have you tried with the ‘Scan for unsafe entries to delete’ in Clean-up → Registry Cleaner → Settings selected?

Comodo’s cleaner does a thorough job that reminds me of Regvac. I never tested them head to head

Another interesting free cleaner I have used is Eusing Free Registry Cleaner 2.0.