CCleaner* Alternatives (*ruined by avast)

Hi friends of Comodo,

I was a loyal CCleaner since I met Windows OS. I thought, CCleaner must come bundled with all Windows OS.
So much water flowed under the bridge …

Please imagine, what would happen if all the things were made by Comodo 88) (bash**)

and at last, Piriform collects and shares analytics data with third-parties collected in CCleaner users :wink:
CCleaner update introduces Privacy options

Yeah, finally Avast made it! CCleaner is no more usable for me. They stopped to release portable version as well - which I use - after the latest release. I am not going to wait Avast’s next step on CCleaner…

Personally, I found “Privacy Eraser” as best alternative right now.
Do you know any alternatives? You can disquss under this topic.


I thought ccleaner/piriform would have solved the problem. Oh, that is by no means a problem for piriform, on the contrary, it’s a benefit to piriform.

I hope the following isn’t true for comodo:

If you don’t pay for a product/program than you are the product/you pay with your data.

I left zonealarm because of similar problems (for myself) and changed to comodo. Sometimes it was a “hard” time with comodo (as far as I’m concerned as an absolute layman - but it was worth the effort - not an easy program for beginners or normal users who only want security and protection without having to worry about it any further because of lack of time or other reasens/hobbies)

BleachBit is opensource. :-TU

I’m using Wisecare 365 and Privacy Eraser. Great combo

Hey Guys ,

I recommend Glary Utilities from Glarysoft. Apart from the extensive cleaning options, the program offers many other useful features.


[i][b]* The No. 1 Free, Powerful and All-in-one utility for cleaning your PC

  • Boosts PC speed and fixes frustrating errors, crashes and freezes

  • Features one-click functionality and easy, automated options

  • Over 20 tools to maximize your Computer’s performance[/b][/i]

* They currently serve more than 40,000,000 customers.

It is also completely harmless and contains no adware or other unwanted applications. :P0l


Advanced File Analysis System | Valkyrie

Disk Cleanup 8) :-TU

With Storage sense.

I’ve been using IObit for a while it is simple and doesn’t use a lot of GPU memory, by me it is a good chance to try it, I am not sure if they have a trial, but it is worth using, way better than knowing CCleaner. Also a friend of mine asked me about windows 10 registry cleaner, and I told him about it. AVG PC TuneUp is good too, the features it has and the way it cleans the registry si worth using, maybe a little bit expensive.But for those that don’t want to keep unusable stuff in their computer IObit and AVG are good.

But for those that don't want to keep unusable stuff in their computer IObit and AVG are good.
While thats up to you. IObit has a bad reputation for adware and I dont have much nice things to say about avg pc tuneup (This is just my opinion only) You should give privazer a try. Its free and has a great reputation. Pick and choose line by line on what you want cleaned

If your going to continue using on IObit i would recommend blocking the following with the firewall and from hosts file

C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced Systemcare\asc.exe
and for host files

  • 1 on Glary Utilities.

Setting browsers clean data exit;
cleanmgr clean files temp and updates system…
historic in PC (RUN, Windows explorer…) is useful for gain time…