CCleaner: ActiveX/COM Issue???

Every time I run the latest CCleaner (from Piriform) it lists this entry as problem:

ActiveX/COM Issue CIS.CisDebugInjector - {some_hexa_string} HKCR\CIS.CisDebugInjector

If I fix this issue and re-run CCleaner, no problem is detected. But after next reboot and one more running CCleaner, it is again there. I can add it to exclude-list, but I’d like to know first what it is and why is it detected as registry-problem…

As the title suggests, a computer just started, for safety I always do a scan of the registry with CCleaner, and after checking me “signals” a mistake, this is the image of the error:

It is really an error generated by the “CIS” or is a normal function, possibly, as you can turn off?

I have merged your topic with an existing one about the same problem.

No problem, thanks for having shifted the topic, indeed I apologize for posting perhaps in a wrong section.