Portable CCE - Any error or KillSwitch, CCE Scan or AutoRun not working, I use to extract/unzip CCE again & it use to work.

How to repair CCE in CIS 6? i.e AutoRun is not working here, after analyzing for few secs it closes, similarly the CCE Scan.

Now reinstall CIS & download/install CCE is the only way or any other way to repair CCE?

Looks right. Got the same prob twice during my “adaptation” to, er… “this”. Moreover seems cce didn’t installs when offline even when dloaded b4 but In’t sure…
As a bit more faster way U can try 2 add/remove comps only but don’t sure it helps.

If part of CCE, which is built into CIS V6, is not working please report it as a bug.