CCE x64 in Winpe 64 bit native

We have a client who has a native 64 bit environment. Trying to run CCE x64 in Winpe 10 x64 native (no WoW) but all I get is Loading Engine, and stuck there. Killswitch and Autoruns work no problems.
Can you advise what am I missing here?
CCE latest version
Same file works fine in x64 env with WoW.



Hey ezheku and welcome to the forums. I want to ask is if you are trying to run CCE under an admin account? And have you tried to execute CCE with admin via the right-click run as administrator context menu?

Yes, it runs as Administrator

Ok my best bet is that the CCE kernel driver is not being loaded or CCE can’t open a handle to the ccekrnl device object. To test open killswitch and then double-click the killswitch process in the KS process list, then select the handles tab. Sort the tab by name and see if you can find \Device\CCEKrnl. See screenshot.

Yes, \Device\CCEKrnl handle is there
I now also notice that buttons are blank in CCE, no text on them. I automatically selected the middle button (Accept), then get Loading engine and collecting system information…
Not sure if related, but thought I’ll mention it anyway.

hmm is the Windows version an insider preview build or a regular stable build? When it stays stuck at a screen is their any hard drive activity? Does task manager show any CPU usage for CCE or does it remain idle?

No CPU/RAM/disk activity, just stays there. Process is there loaded.
As per the title, this is a WINPE x64 native, pure 64 bit environment. Built with Windows 10 ADK.

I guess it may not be compatible with that type of Windows. Can you just gather dumps by using task manger create dump file when CCE hangs and then upload to a file sharing site and share link here. This is so I can report the issue and also save the output of msinfo32. Thanks.

Edit: It would also be helpful to provide screenshots showcasing the issues. For missing text and when it gets stuck at a particular phase of loading or scanning.

Uploaded here - [now defunct] Free File Hosting



Thanks I have submitted a report linking this topic and provided your file share link. A Comodo staff member may contact you via PM if they need more info.

bug 2183


Thank you

We were informed that WinPE is not supported.

That’s unfortunate. Usually when virus hits, many like myself would want to scan the system offline to clean the virus. WinPE is one of those tools, that allows you to do it.
CCE main app is not working in WinPE, but Killswitch and Autoruns do work.
I guess I will need to find some software that does work. I liked the CCE though, works great in Windows.
Thanks for trying.

I assume they designed CRD for such cases.

windstorm Thanks

I am familiar with this. Just hoped I can use my custom bootable option, which includes many other tools that help me, so wanted to add an offline antivirus to the pool.

Thank you

Fair enough. You could create a wish for it.

Just did.