CCE virus defs

Can u use the same virus definitions file (bases.cav) for cce as is used for the Comodo Internet security suite ?

Thanks in advance

Wow ; nobody knows ?

As far as I know you can.

Yes u can

Thanks for the answers guys I appreciate it

How to do it? I can’t find this option in GUI…

Et voila: Comodo Cleaning Essentials Version 11.0, Tools Menu, Malware Remover,Free Antivirus Software .

Thanks, import is working ,but very slow as it is downloading from server that is far far way… strange…

I am confused. Did you tell it to import from the CIS scanners folder? It should not download from the web but get it straight from the hard drive.

I was confused too :slight_smile: Yes, from CIS scanner folder.Nevertheless, it take too much time.It is unable to update from comodo server because it is using system proxy by default.My system proxy is :slight_smile: