CCE Virus Database

Does CCE 64 Bits need Virus Database from 64 Bits CIS?

Coz I tried importing and pasting latest virus database from XP 32 Bits to CCE 64 on system Win 7 64 Bits &it says invalid virus database.


How to manually check for virus database?

You can’t.
Database is automatically downloaded after you open CCE or when you proceed to scan.

Copy and paste bases.cav from CIS into CCE\scanners -folder

I know this.

There should be a sign to know update is going on. Currently there is no sign & you dont know if update is going on or not.

I think instead of autoupdate of virus database it should be manual check for virus database as CCE is a cleaning tool & not realtime protection so one would want to update it when required.

Here is my idea:

Maybe it will be implemented in the next release :wink:

Those are excellent. Hope they implement those.