CCE version confusion

Hello. Haven’t heard of CCE before. New to me. Used it today and liked it.
While downloading CCE, I came across something confusing. At Internet Security Software for Business from Comodo | PC Security if you click the download for CCE, you get an archive named cce_1.6.183539.73_x32. But if you check the file properties of CCE.exe in it, the file version is 2.4.28582.192. First contradiction.

But if you download from the file version of CCE.exe is Can someone clarify this for me?

Hi KingKink,
Thanks for pointing out.

Please use, which is latest, we will update the website link.


Appreciate the quick response. Thanks.

Following web page is updated:

Now user will be taken to CCE product page that offers latest CCE.



Can you please warn Turkish office about their out-dated webpages… Most of the download links download old products… CCE too!


Thanks for pointing,
I will.

Still no action, v1.6 is on the website. They also should add Comodo Cloud AV to the list. :-TU
Some strings are still in English btw.

Thank you umesh

will check on progress.