CCE updating to new version?

If we have one version of CCE and there’s a new release, will CCE be updated via his own updater to a new version or we have to download zip file from this forum?
I apologize if this was answered before, not being active lately…


I do not see any move in that direction too…

Force Breach and internal program update would be two very good wishlist features…
I wish… :slight_smile:

Well, considering the fact that CCE is a product that you can put on a separate flash drive and use on any “infected” system, I do not see the use or the need of that in the future implementation of any updating protocol.

I think it should be there regardless, needing only to download what is needed, not 35mb program and 180mb of update each and every time there’s a new program release…
Just thinking out loud…

You can just copy the SCANNERS folder from CIS to avoid the large update download. :wink: :-La

I just love this forum, having solution for everything :-TU :-TU ;D
Thanks for the tip, my respect :-TU :P0l

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